Hemp Oil: An oil for everything


Hemp oil is the oil extracted from seeds of the Cannabis plant. That is why, it is also called hempseed oil, as it taken solely from the seeds. For making this oil, tall growing varieties of cannabis. However, hemp oil does not contain THC, the chief psychoactive compound in Cannabis. The oil which contains THC is called hash oil, or cannabis oil. So, these two oils should not be confused.

Most of the health benefits of hemp seed oil come from its excellent ratio of omega -6 to omega – 3. which is similar to what the body needs. Hempseed oil provides powerful nutrition and can be used topically as well as internally. It is one of the best sources of omega fatty acids.

The stark fact that hemp oil comes from cannabis plant, which is immensely controversial in many countries of the world because of its psychoactive capabilities has led to significant masking of data regarding hemp oil. Most countries now have regulations set in to determine what deserves to be called hemp oil. There is often a cap on the highest detectable limit of THC in hemp oil. Hempseed oil comes from the seeds of select species of Cannabis. These are tall growing and have low concentration of THC. Hemp trees have been used since ancient times to produce cloth and paper. Hemp fibers have good strength, both in tension and shear. Ropes made with hemp fibers have incredible strength.  It is also used to produce the oil. Its seeds have been used as food, mainly for animals.

Hemp seed oil can be of various types depending on ways in which it is processed. Cold pressed but unfiltered hemp seed oil is dark green and unclear liquid. It has a nut like a flavor somewhat grassy. The refined oil is however colorless and lacks much of the original flavor of unrefined hemp oil. The refined version also lacks in many nutrients that are present in hemp seeds naturally. So, from a nutrition point of view, one should go with unrefined hemp oil. For topical application purposes, refined oil is more suited as it feels less greasy and earthy in texture.

Hempseed oil can also be used in hair and scalp treatments. It can be used to reduce the oiliness of oil based shampoo. Using hemp oil on scalp doesn’t lead to hair fall. On the other hand, it improves scalp health by providing EFA (essential fatty acids ) directly to the skin. Omega – 3 in hemp seed oil improves the texture of hair, making them look shinier and stronger.  These fats are good for the health of hair follicle.

Hemp oil also provides the scalp with many vital amino acids. Hemp oil is a powerhouse of nutrition when it comes to healthy fats. And it is better than flaxseed oil, which in itself is a reputed source of omega – 3. Hempseed oil is more than 40 % oils, and 80 % of these are essential fatty acids ( EFA ). These are healthy fats which are required by the body but are not synthesized inside. So, these need to be obtained from food.

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